Hp storevirtual 11 release date

Updated with new product branding for the lefthand os software 105 release september 2013 revision 7 updated with the new hp storevirtual vsa and lefthand os 110 functionality, including tiered storage, updated memory requirements, licensing options, and number and size of disks supported january 2015. Software depot for inactive - hpe storevirtual storage: storevirtual os 115 note: storevirtual os 115 is not the most current software release for hpe storevirtual storage hpe storage when using hpe insight control for vcenter server, insight control for vcenter 723 is required for storevirtual os 11x support. Hpe just eannounced its next generation of storevirtual products the current ( physical) storevirtual 4000 platform is based on proliant gen8 hardware, it would be logic to move on to the current gen9 hardware for several reasons hpe has chosen to go for a complete new hardware platform this new.

Date: jul 11 2013 impact: user access via network vendor confirmed: yes description: a vulnerability was reported in hp storevirtual storage release date: 2013-07-09 last updated: 2013-07-09 potential security impact: remote unauthorized access source: hewlett-packard company, hp software security.

Hp storevirtual storage release notes hp part number: ax696-96274 published: july 2013 edition: 11 and fixes in this release these release notes are current as of the published date the 105 release supports the rebranding to hp storevirtual storage and the release of the hp storevirtual 4530, the hp.

These release notes describe version 115 software for the hp storevirtual storage product, which contains the following these release notes are current as of the published date platforms supported for this when upgrading from version 85 to 105 using the 11x cmc, a benign error message is no longer displayed. 2106972, this article provides an overview of hp storevirtual virtual storage appliance (vsa) configuration requirements important: there are increased memory requirements for the storevirtual vsa in version 11x, as listed in table 3 make sure that you increase the memory in existing storevirtual vsas before.

While the new lefthand os 110 is imminent, hp has released the what's new in lefthand os 110, worth a read to learn about the new upcoming features but obviously this solution is prone to several problems: even a simple date change in the i/o spike makes again the schedule completely useless. Storevirtual storage and the release of the hp storevirtual 4530 and the hp storevirtual 4730 the 105 release includes the enhancements contained in the 100 release september 2013 revision 7 tenth edition updated with the new lefthand os 110 functionality, including adaptive optimization (in. I recently had the opportunity to deliver a virtual infrastructure which uses hp lefthand san solution setting up a lefthand hp lefthand sans are based on iscsi and are formed by storage nodes in traditional storage session status : established at fri sep 11 14:51:13 2009 number of.

Hp storevirtual 11 release date

  • Windows solution pack (mpio dsm, vss hardware provider) • windows solution pack user guide • vsa for vmware esx • sra for vmware srm • hp p4000 san solutions user guide • hp p4000 remote copy user guide to download the latest full release version of san/iq (currently version 85) go to.

We've met storeonce, hp's in-house deduplicating backup products, and the storevirtual virtual storage appliance now hp is launching its range of storevirtual and storeeasy hardware and software storevirtual is a brand name for the p4000 lefthand iscsi storage arrays and not just the virtual storage. Hello folks finally hp released the updated version for lefthand os v120 why well there are some features that were announced a quite some time ago that we are waiting for, and which become available now lefthand os version 120 includes the following enhancements.

Hp storevirtual 11 release date
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