Synonym single parent

Synonyms for single-parent at synonymscom with free online thesaurus, antonyms, definitions and translations. A synonym for casual is everyday, meaning nothing special, unusual, serious, or eventful if you're going to your friend's house for a dinner of burgers and beer, they might say, it's just a casual night at home or, dress casual, we're just going to be serving ourselves don't run out to buy a special outfit, because what. A female who is the sole provider for their child(ren), financially and emotionally this can be do to unforeseeable circumstances, such as death or by choice, such as artificial insemination often times these females are forced to seek government assistance, but is not always the case women who receive help from the. Single parent definition propose an update care, work and economy work uri: relations related term childcare synonym lone parent download in rdf/xml subscribe to our monthly newsletter e-mail subscribe cancel help us improve find what you wanted yes.

1'her parents divorced when she was seven' synonyms mother, father biological parent, birth parent, adoptive father, adoptive mother, surrogate mother , foster-parent, foster-mother, foster-father, step-parent, stepmother, stepfather, guardian single parent, lone parent, co-parent informal one's old man, one's old woman. Synonyms: colony definition: a group of organisms of the same type living or definition: (microbiology) a group of organisms grown from a single parent cell. Single-parent definition, of or noting a family in which a parent brings up a child or children alone, without a partner: a single-parent family a single-parent household see more. Getmanager() //get the taxa by name var taxa = taxamanagergettaxa()where(t = tname == test)single() //creates a synonym var synonym = taxamanagercreatesynonym() //set the value of the synonym and the tag that it is associated with synonymvalue = value goes here synonym parent = taxa.

Definition of single out in the idioms dictionary single out phrase what does single out expression mean definitions by the largest idiom dictionary. You can create synonym dictionaries to expand text searches with additional search keywords before you begin role required: admin or ts_admin about this task by default, the system provides a sample synonym search dictionary called example synonym dictionary procedure navigate. You can define two forms of substitutions in this dictionary: synonyms and by identifying optional elements and synonyms, you can force the extraction engine to map these to one single target term parent topic: about library dictionaries. 1without any other people or things synonym solitary a lone sailor crossing the atlantic the attack was carried out by a lone gunman in a crowded shopping centre 2(especially british english) without a husband, wife or partner to share the care of children synonym single a lone mother/parent/father most lone parent.

Different headings, rather than one single heading scope note (sn) - defines the intended meaning or usage of the term in family thesaurus and thus acts as nt: emotional abuse nt: economic abuse nt: institutional abuse nt: parent abuse nt: ritual abuse nt: sexual abuse nt: substance abuse rt: crime. Simple, unadorned, from latin singulus one, one to each, individual, separate (usually in plural singuli one by one), from sim- (stem of simplus see simple) + diminutive suffix meaning consisting of one unit, individual, unaccompanied by others is from late 14c meaning undivided is from 1580s single-parent (adj). Wordnet® is a large lexical database of english with up to 140,000 entries and more than 14 million words, developed by the cognitive science laboratory at princeton university instead of following the standard dictionary format, the wordnet dictionary is organized with an innovative and convenient approach nouns.

Synonym single parent

You can create synonym dictionaries to expand text searches with additional search keywords before you begin role required: admin or.

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Define single parent (noun) and get synonyms what is single parent (noun) single parent (noun) meaning, pronunciation and more by macmillan dictionary. Synonym general icon used to indicate synonyms, visible on the left of the field view tab provides information about the file name used and the application in which it resides segment indicates a segment in a synonym the root or parent segment appears first in the tree unique segment (focus/fds and xfocus. Compound term, a term consisting of more than one word that represents a single concept note: this rule does not apply to synonym rings each term in a taxonomy is in one or more parent/child (broader/narrower) relationships to other. Terms may have more than one parent, and they may be connected to parent a single root node in these cases, a fake term can be added as a parent of the three existing root nodes custom synonym types are also used in the ontology.

Synonym single parent
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